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dowel jig installation

Best Dowel Jigs for Beginners and Pros:2021 Buyer’s Guide

The best dowel jig is a great tool to have on hand and it’s often considered indispensable for most woodworking projects, including furniture. There are dozens of models out there, which can make it difficult to determine which models are worth the money. If you shop online, this problem gets […]

Staining wood with white spray gun

Best Airless Paint Sprayer 2021 Buyer’s Guide

If you’re giving your home a total makeover, or you need to varnish your deck, paint a fence, or you have furniture you need to repaint, then using the best airless paint sprayer is a great choice and one that will allow you to get all of your painting jobs […]

wood restoration

Best Deck Resurfacer 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Deck replacement can be expensive if you hire professionals, and expensive and time-consuming if you try to do the job yourself. Deck resurfacer can be an affordable alternative and one that can help to restore your deck, breathing new life into it, while protecting it from future damage. But for […]